what anxiety feels like

What Anxiety Feels Like

It starts with a balloon. I guess I’ve probably imagined it as a red one. The red balloon lives in my rib cage. It always starts with the balloon, slowly inflating, pressing up against my lungs preventing them from getting the air they need. Once the balloon inflates, my heart

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How to Take Risks

There’s going to come a time in your life when you have a choice to make: take a risk and go for it, or back down. Taking risks can be scary, but also life-changing in the most incredible way.  You might just need a little coaching and encouragement. Luckily for

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O Dear: A Letter to Oprah on Body Shaming

Dear Oprah, This morning I logged into instagram and saw a picture from your magazine that was immediately disappointing. Are you aware that by publishing such a narrow-minded response to your reader’s question you are participating in body shaming and contributing to society’s damaging stereotypes about fashion and women’s bodies?

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8 tips for shopping healthy

8 Tips for Shopping Healthy

Have you ever gone into the grocery store with every intention of shopping healthy, only to walk out with $100 of frozen pizzas and Oreos?  Yeah… It happens to the best of us. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional frozen pizza and cookie treat, if you’re trying to eat

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10 random things that make me smile

10 Random Things That Make Me Smile

Good morning Darlings. It’s the weekend, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Speaking of happy…. Everyone once in a while you just find something that makes you smile. It’s the perfect edition to the rest of your mildly-pointless yet some how much-needed stuff. So here are 10 things that

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