black woman holding white woman's hand during protest

Fixing What’s Broken

Last week was ugly. Between the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philandro Castile, and five on-duty officers in Dallas, the air was heavy with a sense of hopelessness. Thursday and Friday I felt like I was choking on the lump in my throat as I scrolled through Facebook seeing footage of

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brazilian waxing tips

Girl, get your wax on

Brazilian waxing for the terrified or slightly insecure. Disclaimer: Mom, don’t read this. Also, if I’m related to you in some way, or if I work with you, or if I go to church with you and you somehow found this post… please, for the sake of us both,  just stop

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Fat is a noun

Fat is a Noun

My tangled infatuation with words began as a little girl. At 18 months old, I picked up a pen and started copying letters from Sesame Street, as I got older the scribbled letters turned into words, which turned into sentences, and then into stories. The thing I like about words,

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24 Goals for 24

Goodbye 23, I’m on to bigger and better things. Tomorrow is my 24th birthday! I love birthdays. Another year of living means another year of becoming a better me. Each year I set goals on my birthday, and this year I didn’t just set a few goals. I came up

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what anxiety feels like

What Anxiety Feels Like

It starts with a balloon. I guess I’ve probably imagined it as a red one. The red balloon lives in my rib cage. It always starts with the balloon, slowly inflating, pressing up against my lungs preventing them from getting the air they need. Once the balloon inflates, my heart

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