Welcome to Wellness, Darling.

Hello Darling,
Thanks for dropping in. Wellness, Darling is your source for body image and wellness tips! You see, I have this crazy idea that when we truly love who we are, we want to take care of our bodies. When we combine a positive self-image with healthy habits, we feel happy & confident even if we don’t fit society’s beauty ideals.

This website is full of uplifting stories, healthy recipe ideas, and some ideas on how to shed some of the habits that could be crushing your confidence. Wellness, Darling triesĀ to avoid stereotypes, body bashing, and eating disorder triggers, so no matter what you are going through this is a place where you feel welcome.

Look around, make yourself at home, and pass this website along to your sister, mom, aunt, bestie, or anyone else who might need a confidence boost.

Have a wonderful day!
<3 LJ

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