Lady of Leisure Agenda 2017

2017 Agenda Review

I’m an agenda and notebook fanatic! Even in a digital world, I keep handwritten notes and live by my spiral bound planner. Besides being a fanatic, I’m also an agenda snob. If I’m going to take the time to write my life down, and especially if I’m going to commit

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brazilian waxing tips

Girl, get your wax on

Brazilian waxing for the terrified or slightly insecure. Disclaimer: Mom, don’t read this. Also, if I’m related to you in some way, or if I work with you, or if I go to church with you and you somehow found this post… please, for the sake of us both,  just stop

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10 random things that make me smile

10 Random Things That Make Me Smile

Good morning Darlings. It’s the weekend, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Speaking of happy…. Everyone once in a while you just find something that makes you smile. It’s the perfect edition to the rest of your mildly-pointless yet some how much-needed stuff. So here are 10 things that

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