woman sitting in the rain

The Looming Fear

When I look in the mirror, I see my body exactly where it is at this moment. It’s not at its heaviest, or at it’s skinniest, but it’s beautiful, and it’s mine. And though I can accept myself as I am in this moment, I can also recognize the danger

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Fat is a noun

Fat is a Noun

My tangled infatuation with words began as a little girl. At 18 months old, I picked up a pen and started copying letters from Sesame Street, as I got older the scribbled letters turned into words, which turned into sentences, and then into stories. The thing I like about words,

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O Dear: A Letter to Oprah on Body Shaming

Dear Oprah, This morning I logged into instagram and saw a picture from your magazine that was immediately disappointing. Are you aware that by publishing such a narrow-minded response to your reader’s question you are participating in body shaming and contributing to society’s damaging stereotypes about fashion and women’s bodies?

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Will I Ever Be Enough

I struggle with enough-ness. I realize that’s not really a word… but to me, whether or not it’s in Webster’s doesn’t make it any less real. I couldn’t sleep the other night. I imagined what it would feel like to be good enough for the people around me. How would dating be

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