Books for Babes – Inspiring Reads

Looking for some good reads that are all about kick-ass people doing kick-ass things? You’ve come to the right place, Darling. Here are some amazing, empowering books that will inspire you to grab life by the ovaries and be a better you! (This page looks WAYYY better with ad blocker* disabled <3.)

Jes Baker is 1000% relatable and she reminds us that it’s OK to take up space and live loud in this hilarious book.

Maya Angelou so perfectly captures the complexities of growing up in an unforgiving society. Her eloquence is unmatched.

Don’t knock self-help books until you try this on. Jen’s humor and practical advice will renew your motivation and belief in yourself.

This brilliant journalist started losing her mind. Her journey through the diagnosis of her mystery illness is haunting.

Ruth. Bader. Gingsberg. O.G. of the courts. She is a bad ass and a pioneer for women. And if you hate history and politics, this book is still entertaining.

Am I the only one still obsessed with Mindy Kaling? If you haven’t read Why Not Me, you’re missing out on some super awkward and relatable stories.

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