What is Wellness? My Road Back to What’s Really Healthy

Lowery Johnson, Wellness Darling Author

When I first started Wellness, Darling, I did so with a very specific desire to teach women that by loving ourselves, we truly learn how to take care of ourselves.

Maybe you’ve taken a look at my about section of this website where I introduce myself. If not, let me be brief in doing so here. My name is Lowery Johnson. I have worked in the wellness industry for about four and half years. I have lost 100 pounds, gained some back, struggled with disordered eating, and fought the insanely difficult battle of improving my body image. My life, like most people’s, has been a roller coaster of experiences. Only recently have I started to feel at peace with who I am.

In the chaos that has been my reality the past few years, I have learned a lot. I have so much to say about wellness, health, and beauty that I decided to start Wellness, Darling as a way to share those thoughts with the world.

What does it mean to be well?
There are thousands of different perceptions of wellness. It just depends on who you ask. Some people confuse wellness with physical health, but it’s actually much more than that. For the purposes of Wellness, Darling, I define wellness as physical, mental, and emotional health. All of these things are very closely related, and if one is out of balance, chances are the others are affected.

Let me be clear in stating that wellness is not a body type. Even physically healthy people may not be well. Shall I explain?

After I lost 100 pounds, I was extremely proud of myself. I reached a major goal. I was running 3-5 times per week. My doctor was loving my lower cholesterol. But I was struggling in a different way. I was miserable with every bite and every sip. I felt guilty for eating. I was weighing myself eight times or more each day. I was so fixated on my weight that I became terribly obsessed and unhappy.  While physically I was healthy, I was not well. Inside I felt tired from existing and needing to make the daily decision to nourish my body. I was trapped in my new body.

Before I lost weight, I thought that doing it would help me learn how to love myself. I was wrong. Losing weight without first loving myself made living with the results even harder. Here I was, at the finish line and still unhappy with how I looked. What? How did that work? Turns out self-love, much like wellness is not a number on the scale.

Somewhere in this whole thing I realized that if I could learn to love myself, taking care of my body and my mental state would become a natural progression. You see?

To me, this is the embodiment of wellness.
I love myself.
I love my body.
I want to take care of this thing I love.
Taking care of myself feels good and makes me happy.
Nowhere in this scenario is there a fixation on weight, on collarbones, thigh gaps, abs, boobs, butts, body shape. Take yourself as you are. Take comfort in the fact that as a human you are inherently valuable. Take care of yourself because you recognize the significance of your existence. That’s it.

This concept gives me peace. Life is better when you live it for yourself.

Please keep in mind, I am not a health professional, magician, or guru. I cannot heal you. All I can do is share my experiences and hope you learn a little something from them.

After much soul-searching, deep conversations, successes, failures, and lessons learned the hard way, I am in a great place with who I am.

My diet isn’t perfect, but it’s a work in progress. I don’t punish myself for eating perfectly normal things (for two years I had a legitimate fear of eating bananas because they had too much sugar), I go to the gym, I see a mental health professional regularly, and I no longer let the scale determine my day. I finally feel well, and what’s more is that I finally recognize that wellness isn’t a final destination, it’s a continual progression.

Your wellness goals should never make you feel like shit about yourself, and if they are, it might be time to take a step back and reexamine your definition of wellness.

Take care, babes. 🙂

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