Product Review: Fitbit Alta, Not for Everyone

Fitbit Alta Review

There are hundreds of fitness trackers out there, and it can be difficult to figure out what you need and what you want. From style to features, it’s good to know what you want before you spend $100 or more.

I’ve been using the Fitbit Alta for the past three months. I’ve tried several other Fitbit trackers and wanted to share why the Alta is my tracker of choice and also explain why it might not be ideal for everyone.

Basic Features
Tracks steps, tracks sleep, displays text and call alerts.

By tapping on the Alta’s screen you can access time and date, calories burned, distance, and steps. Fitbit offers simple tracker integration with their app which allows you to dig deeper the Alta’s features such as sleep tracking, weekly workout trackers, and more. You can able text and call notifications for your Alta. When you receive on notification for these, the Alta signals you by gently vibrating. When you tab the Alta’s screen, it shows the caller, or the the message sender as well as a preview of the message.

Fitbit AltaMy favorite feature  of the Alta doesn’t actually have anything to do with the tracking, though. I personally LOVE the thin design of the Alta. I’ve tried the Fitbit Zip, which clips on to a bra strap or belt; I’ve tried the Fitbit One, which records flights of stairs and also clips on to a bra or belt. With the Zip and the One, sometimes they fell off my bra and I’d be scrambling to find where it fell. I actually ended up trying the Alta because my Fitbit One fell off somewhere and I never found it. 🙁 Sad day! I’ve also tried the Fitbit Charge when I decided I preferred wearing my tracker on my wrist, but I HATED how bulky the Charge was.

Another highlight of the Fitbit Alta is the ability to customize it to you
r taste. The bands on the Alta are interchangeable. Amazon sells Alta bands that range from different silicone designs to fashionable metal designs. In addition to the purple band that came with my Alta, I also have a rose gold  band that I wear when I’m looking for a classier look.

Perfect for Some, but Not for All
The Fitbit Alta is a wonderfully stylish fitness track for beginner levels. It a great motivator for people are interested mostly in extra motivation to move more. If you’re a serious athlete, or looking to become more serious about fitness, you’ll want to go with a more advanced product. Whether that’s a Fitbit Charge HR, an Apple Watch, or a Garmin fitness tracker.

What’s your favorite fitness tracker? Post it in the comments section below!

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