2017 Ban.do Agenda Review

Ban.do Lady of Leisure Agenda 2017

I’m an agenda and notebook fanatic! Even in a digital world, I keep handwritten notes and live by my spiral bound planner. Besides being a fanatic, I’m also an agenda snob. If I’m going to take the time to write my life down, and especially if I’m going to commit to a planner for 17 months, it has to be the perfect balance of adorable and functional.

Last year I bought the Lilly Pulitzer large agenda. I loved the size of it, I loved that it had plenty of room to write my daily tasks, however the design was lacking. I felt like it was too old for my taste. So, I started comparing my planner to some of my friends. Well, I caught a serious case of envy when my friend Kalee showed me her Ban.do agenda.

Ban.do Agenda 2017 Review

So without hesitation, I joined the 2017 Ban.do Agenda VIP list to make sure I was notified as soon as they went on sale. I pre-ordered my Lady of Leisure Medium Ban.do Agenda and almost died of anticipation while I waited for it to ship.

Ban.do Lady of Leisure Agenda 2017

The moment I opened the package, I fell head over heels for the soft pink cover covered in white floral print with green foil leaves. OMG. Gorgeous. Perfection. Agendagasmic.

Ban.do Lady of Leisure Agenda 2017

My Fave Features:
Adorable artwork inside!
Laminated divider tabs!
Week & Month View!
Lots of space for notes!


Other Fab Features:
Space for dates to remember!
Two folder pockets!
Secret messages & message decoder!
Lots of stickers <3!
Three different sizes available!
10 different designs to choose from!

I also ordered the Ban.do Agenda Starter Pack which includes foil tape, a snap-in to-do list, a dry-erase marker, planner tabs, paper clips, a dry erase marker, extra stickers, and an adorable pink gel pen. The gel pen is a dream come true! I’ve already used the stickers, some in the planner and some on my cellphone case, and I can’t wait to use the to-do list! The starter pack was definitely worth the money, plus the medium agenda with the starter pack is $50, so it qualifies for free shipping. Oh baby.

Ban.do Lady of Leisure Agenda 2017

I haven’t even started using my Ban.do agenda, and I already love it more than the Lily Pulitzer because of the incredible design, fun stickers, and overall utility. I’m counting down the days until I can start using it! August 1, can you come sooner please?

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