How to Take Risks


There’s going to come a time in your life when you have a choice to make: take a risk and go for it, or back down. Taking risks can be scary, but also life-changing in the most incredible way.  You might just need a little coaching and encouragement. Luckily for you, Leslie Knope, Liz Lemon, and Kimmy Schmidt are here to help you through it. After All, if you’re going to listen to advice on risk taking, who better to listen to than an ambitious underdog politician, a feisty independent producer, and a bunker-surviving day dreamer.

You’ve had something on your mind lately. 

leslie knopes nervous breakdown

Whether it’s something you’ve been meaning to tell someone, or something you’ve been wanting to do. 

liz lemon, everything is the worst

Thinking about it makes you a little sick to your stomach. 

liz lemon, barf

But you know that you can’t ignore this one. 

kimmy schmidt, i'm not really here

You’ve got a choice to make. 

Kimmy Schmidt, no thanks

A risk to take. 

Liz Lemon, not cool

There’s no way around it. 

Leslie Knope, Do it

It seems scary now. 

leslie knope, scared

And the nagging feeling in your stomach is SUPER annoying. 

liz lemon eye roll

But wouldn’t you rather take the risk and deal with the consequences than spend your life wondering? 

Leslie Knope, no

So it’s time to woman up and get it done. 

liz lemon cat sound

At first the results might be weird. 

kimmy schmidt, weird

Just stay confident in your choice.

kimmy schmidt, confident

And eventually you will feel…awesome. 


So awesome. 

liz lemon, dancing

So, so awesome. 

kimmy schmidt, breakfast club

What are you waiting for? 

Leslie Knope, I'm Ready

Take the risk. 

liz lemon, self high five


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