10 Random Things That Make Me Smile

10 random things that make me smile

Good morning Darlings. It’s the weekend, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Speaking of happy….
Everyone once in a while you just find something that makes you smile. It’s the perfect edition to the rest of your mildly-pointless yet some how much-needed stuff. So here are 10 things that make my life a little happier. (Please note that I did not receive any monetary compensation or free products for the statements below… this is literally just a list of stuff that I like.)

Wellness, Darling: 10 Random things that make me smile

Chromecast – This tops the list because let’s be real…. Netflix is my best friend, boyfriend, and hero.  Just plugs into the TV, and I can magically easily watch all the shows I want. As I type this, I’m casting a corny romance movie with the beautiful blue-eyed James Marsden. #yummy

Under Armour Undeniable Water Bottle – Sounds weird right? A water bottle? Yeah… I am kind of a water bottle enthusiast. And this one is incredible. In the average day I drink about a gallon and a half of water (hydrated people are happy people).  First off it’s 32 oz. It also has non-leak sucky top and a twist lock. You know the movies you see when the super hot athlete grabs a water bottle and squirts it in his mouth, yeah this is  the one he’s using.  I stole mine from him. JK. I bought it. Germs are gross.

Sephora Collection Color Lip Last in Pure Red – Red lips are a sign that a) you’re gonna do classy shit. or b) you’re gonna get into trouble. I like those options… but feathering and fading is no bueno when you’re rocking such a bold look. So, Sephora’s matte red lipstick is the best. Stays on forevs. Even when you eat stuff and drink out of your stolen Undeniable water bottle.

Sinfulicious Salt Scrub – Anytime I go to San Diego, I stop at Sinfulicious. It’s at Seaport Village. Basically, you walk in and the lovely staff helps you scent your own body care products. But, what’s even better… If you can’t make it down to sunny San Diego, you can order a little smell-good happiness on their website. My favorite product is by far the mineral scrub. I use it on my legs to exfoliate before shaving, then I follow it up with their sunflower oil. Perfectly touchable smooth skin.

The Best Nike Hoodie Ever (Nike Women’s Rally Pullover) – All hoodies are wonderful. I don’t descriminate, but this one has the funnel hood that’s perfect for covering up your nose when you use a public restroom after drinking too much water out of your athlete boyfriend’s Undeniable water bottle.

Too Faced Beauty Balm – My skin is very sensitive. I can’t tolerate most foundations, but Too Faced Beauty Balm is different. It’s a tinted BB cream, not a foundation. It gives me enough coverage to get the look I want, but it doesn’t wreak havoc on m skin. One tube lasts me about 3 months; a little goes a long way.

Escada Turquoise Summer Perfume – I like smelling good… because, well smelling good is a nice thing. Turquoise Summer is a fruity/floral thing. So if you don’t like that, you won’t like this. But I like it, and I like you, so I think there’s something worth reading somewhere in this paragraph. Right?

Old Navy Leggings – I am pretty rough on leggings. You see, my thighs like to high-five each other as I walk sometimes (See my post Dear Thunder Thighs to learn more about my beloved quads). So, I tend to rub holes in my leggings. After going through several pairs, I started buying cheaper ones, but sometimes cheap means see through. However, I find that this is not the case with Old Navy’s black leggings. Whether I am actually running, or pretending to look like I just ran … these leggings are my fave.

Blistex Ultra- Rich Hydration balm – Dear Prince Charming… if you’re out there, please know that my lips are perfectly kissable thanks to Blistex so you can come find me and marry me now. 🙂 You’re welcome.

Epic Blog One Year Editorial Planner – I just bought this and I am freaking out about it. Obviously I’m trying to make Wellness, Darling into something awesome. This Editorial Planner from byRegina is gonna play a major roll in that. It’s kind of like a how-to guide for monetizing PLUS a planner. If you’re a blogger, you should definitely check this out. Then comment below and geek out with me about it.

Post a comment with some of your favorite things. 🙂 I wanna see them! Heavens knows I could always use more fun stuff.

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