A Body Image Double Dog Dare

body image double dog dare

OK Darling, it’s time for a double dog dare (sorry for all the alliteration, it felt so right as I typed it). Anyway…

I dare you to ditch your full-length mirror for two weeks. Yup, hide that sucker under your bed.

Why? I’m so glad you asked.

How many times do you go to bed thinking about what you’re going to wear the next day? You feel so thrilled about this perfect outfit you’ve assembled in your head, not to mention the 10 minutes of extra sleep you’ll get for planning ahead. You wake up, get dressed and feel just as good as you knew you would… and then you look in the mirror.

Suddenly, it feels like you and your perfect outfit are being critiqued by a panel of judges on America’s Next Top Model. It’s too loose here, too tight there, it makes this feature look too big or that feature too small. Blah blah blah.

Woah woah… wait. This was supposed to be perfect, and now it feels like a  wardrobe tragedy. Everything was fine until you stepped in front of the mirror. The negative inner-narration that you experience in this situation is most likely distorted by personal insecurities. Chances are the flaws you see in your outfit choice wouldn’t even be noticed by someone else.

The solution? Ditch the mirror. Focus on how you feel instead of how you look.

At one point I went 6 months without using any mirrors bigger than one the size of a speed limit sign during my morning routine.  It was incredible. I wore what I wanted. I wore what felt right. There were no critical self-evaluations. Everyday when I got ready I felt empowered because I wasn’t trying to hide or flatter a specific part of my body. I was wearing clothing that I liked simply because I liked it.

If you put something on and you feel sexy and confident, go for it.  Don’t step in front of a mirror and start critiquing yourself. That’s not going to contribute to a positive body image.

So there you have it. I officially double dog dare you to ditch the mirror, and I want to know how it goes.
Post a comment with your experience and get your friends to join in.

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